On-Line Studies

Besides on Campus regular studies, SMK is also offering On-Line study possibilities.

On-Line study form is enabling students to tailor the studies to everyone’s individual needs and life style. It is the easiest, most convenient and financially feasible way to study and receive your degree.

For every study subject, every semester and ever teacher has also a virtual classes, not only traditional lectures in the auditoriums. SMK is successfully using e-study platform in organizing studies. Virtual classrooms are providing various information used for studies, teaching material, excersices, simulators, videos, articles and so on. Also besides course material, teachers are able to organize a virtual lecture. Using videoconferencing technologies students are able to feel just like in the life lecture, take exams or make a class presentation.


Simple, all you need is a personal computer and internet access.
Step by step:

  • Apply and get accepted,
  • Enroll to SMK as a full time student,
  • Choose the study model which best suits your personal needs;
  • You may choose to start studying online at home and continue your studies on SMK campus in Lithuania.
  • Also you can stay in Lithuania for half of the year after graduation and start the professional career here.
1 Option 2 Option 3 Option

1st year – online studies 2nd and 3rd year – on campus studies in Lithuania

1st and 2nd year – online studies 3rd year – on campus studies in Lithuania

All studies on campus in Lithuania

Please just follow the regular application procedure in order to study at SMK on-line. 

Intensive English Foundation Progamme

Introducing one of the kind Intensive English Foundation programme available to students who are intending to pursue higher education delivered in English language. Intensive programme is designed not only to bring the language to minimum of „B2/C1“ level, but also it will help students to acquire introduction to various subjects, which will help undecided students to choose the direction of their further studies. In less than 3 months students will be able to clearly communicate in English, read and write academic texts, work with basic computer programmes, and will start working on public speaking skills. Starting the second month of the intensive programme, based on their preference, students will be able to sit in various lectures to test out their language learning progress. Besides language instruction, students will take two modules:

  • Introduction to Global Politics, Economics and Management
  • Introduction to Information Technology Systems


After finishing Foundation programme, students will be issued an official certificate of the programme and will earn 16 ECTS credits which will be transferable to any European university for continuation of the studies.

  • Programme Duration – 10 weeks 
  • Total lecture hours – 260
  • ECTS credits – 16
  • Start date – March 5, 2018 (Spring semester) 
  • Cost – 1200 Euro (Partial scholarships for SMK students available)
  • Application fee - 120 Euro
  • Dormitory Fee - 255 Euro
  • Admissions Deadline – January 31, 2018 (Spring semester)

Beside academic programme there will be a rich cultural integration programme provided. Students will get to know Lithuanian culture, geography, history and even Lithuanian language. Various educational trips will be organized. The programme is organized and fully coordinated by SMK University of Applied Social Sciences and will take place in Vilnius campus.

Entry Requirements:

  • Completed Secondary Education ( 12 years, in some countries 11 years) 
  • A1- B1 level of English 
  • High motivation to learn

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Tuition fees

In the SMK University of Applied Social Sciences non-European students pay an annual study fee of € 2800. The entire study period is 3 years. According to the project implemented by the SMK, the best applicants to the Joint Degree study programmes will be able to claim for an SMK funded scholarship, which will cover a part of a study fee.

Student Support

SMK priority is to make students feel good. Considering that our students come from practically all of the continents in the world, it is a priority to insure a comfortable and safe environment and support system. The minute a new student inquires about the studies at SMK, he or she will be provided with a personal admissions counsellor, who will timely provide all necessary assistance in applying, arriving and living in Lithuania and SMK. All students have academic counsellors, who help to solve their academic issues that might arise.


It is our aim and continuous commitment to facilitate excellent education experience for our International students. It is International Relations Office Team as well as Mentors’ Team that provide to SMK International students timely support in all matters (e.g. accommodation, academic advising, internship placement search etc.). Our friendly Mentors’ Team is formed from active Lithuanian students, who act a role of “Local Friends” to foreign students, dedicating their free time to everyday life issues of International students and helping them to go through the possible cultural shocks smoothly.

Orientation Week

Every start of the semester we welcome new students from various parts of the world. In order to make their transition easy and fun we organise an Orientation week full of fun and interesting activities, which makes new comers feel like at home, meet new friends, get to know SMK better and of course be safer in the city. Orientation is a very important aspect of beginning studies here, especially for students who are coming from very far and are not familiar at all with the local culture.


SMK is offering several types of accommodation. Besides SMK Guest House, the students may also choose from four student hostels by location and price. The prices for a bed in a double room go from 100 Euro per month. Moreover if students desire to live independently, SMK staff will provide full assistance in finding an apartment for rent and will even help you to bargain for a better price. More detailed information on accommodation could be found in SMK webpage or provided by your admission counsellor.

How to apply

We welcome applications from students from all around the world and from a wide variety of educational systems. We do not take into consideration an applicant’s race, religion, national origin, sex or country citizenship in determining admission to the college programs. The application deadline for foreign students (except Erasmus) the 30th of June. However, we strongly advice that those applicants who require visas and Temporary Residence Permit (citizens from non-EU countries) should apply at least 4-6 months before this deadline taking into account that visa procedure might take up to 3 months.


Erasmus+ aims to strengthen the quality of youth work and non-formal learning for young people in Europe. It provides opportunities for young people to experience learning mobility in Europe and beyond and for youth workers to develop their interpersonal skills and improve their employment prospects through training and networking opportunities in Europe and beyond..

Arrival Information

We welcome you to Lithuania and to SMK University of Applied Sciences. Here all new students will receive a full support in order to make arrival to SMK easy and stress free. Every new student will be appointed a Student Mentor who will start communicating long before the arrival and assist in preparation for living and studying in Lithuania.
Before the start of every semester we are holding an Orientation session during which you will have the opportunity to get to know SMK life and prepare to spend your next three years in Lithuania. With plenty of activities and seminars this time will help you to get introduced to Lithuanian study system, SMK study regulations, comfortable and safe living in Vilnius and much more. For now you can download and read some of very valuable information you will definitely need during your studies here: