More Stories to Come


Last week of September 2018 was all about stories for lecturers Raimondas Paskevicius and Diana Garlytska, who represented SMK University of Applied Social Sciences in Amsterdam at kick-off project meeting. "Picture Your Story" is a project (2018-1-NL02-KA205-002053) aimed at developing digital storytelling tool for social workers and educators who work with youth of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
In simpler words, storytelling is an art of crafting and conveying stories. It has various applications and forms. Education and social work are some of the fields of its use. And in the modern world of internet and technologies, digital form is the most appropriate for effective communication. But it all started with a few long-term partners deciding to get together and work on common European priorities...
Thus, Vilnius is a city that historically was culturally diverse. And modern European history also puts ethnic issues at the spotlight. At the same time, SMK International Community grows. So we gladly took up the initiative to enhance strategic partnership with other European partners from the Netherlands, Macedonia, Spain, and Estonia and create digital storytelling tool that would allow to prevent critical conflict situations among youth of diverse ethnic background both in and outside the classroom. 
We are excited to have established milestones and indicators for project success during the initial meeting. Yet, the project has just started and there are almost two years ahead. Way to go!

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