International Marketing and Branding

The Joint Degree of Professional Bachelor in International Marketing


*In 2018 admission to this study programme will not be organised.

Joint Degree in International Marketing and Branding is implemented together with the partner in Poland University of Economy in Bydgoszcz (WSG). The programme requires the student to spend all second year of study in Poland and at the end receive joint degree of Professional Bachelor in International Marketing.

Cycle of study: First
Mode of study: Full-time
Duration of studies: 3 years
Scope of the programme: 180 ECTS credits

Study area: Marketing

Study field: International Marketing

Study language: English

Study aim

To train skilled specialists of International Marketing and Branding, who can independently perform marketing research, develop marketing strategy, plan and implement solutions for marketing of enterprises in international market, also to create for enterprise or product branding, positioning it in international markets.

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Learning outcomes

After graduating from the studies, a person will be able:

  • to apply knowledge of practice, applied theory and methods in marketing and branding in multicultural business environment;
  • to achieve an understanding of advertising, brand semiotics, awareness and media selection concepts and application;
  • to understand and reflect upon central theories and models of business–to-customers and business-to-business marketing;
  • to perform marketing and market research to determine consumer behaviour differences in foreign markets also to process and evaluate research results;
  • to assess the competitive position of a business or product as a basis for the preparation of the company's marketing mix with a focus on international market;
  • to analyse, assess and apply legal methods and tools to support the sales performance in an international markets;
  • to develop, assess and implement international marketing and branding strategies for different size and type enterprises with various amount of resources and strategic goals;
  • to indentify product development opportunities and to prepare the plan for entering international markets;
  • to develop, implement and maintain enterprise, product or service branding, according to the factors of the company's brand identification in international markets;
  • to assess the company's international marketing and branding actions effectiveness;
  • to make effective decisions on the marketing mix changes in order to solve real problems implementing the company's strategic plans;
  • to cooperate and collaborate with people having diverse educational, language and cultural backgrounds;
  • to attain competencies for further education;
  • to develop independence, the ability to cooperate and the ability to create something new.

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Study curriculum

General course units of studies: Information Technologies; Business English; Creative Thinking/ Creative Industries/ Guerilla Marketing.

Course units of the study field: Economics; Fundamentals of Management; Principles of Marketing; Business Communication; Multicultural Communication; Consumer Behaviour and Psychology; Visual Semiotics; International Trade; Brand Management; Business Law; International Marketing (B2B, B2C); Marketing Research; Sales Management; Corporate Finance; International Marketing Strategies; Positioning and Branding Strategies; Product Adoption and Development, Practice, Higher education Final Pape and other.

Optional course units for deepening knowledge of the study field: Students may choose from study field knowledge deepening course units: : Marketing Campaign Planning; Event Marketing Planning; ICT in Marketing; International Logistics in Marketing.

Elective course units (EUC): are appointed to interdisciplinary studies or educating general competencies from the list of college elective course units.
The study evaluation: cumulative assessment and a ten-scale assessment system are applied. Programmes of course units foresee certain structural elements of assessment, their weight in the final assessment, the content of certain assessment tasks, criteria and requirements. When applying a cumulative assessment the learning outcomes are assessed by interim assignments. Studies of each course unit end with an examination. Student knowledge and abilities are assessed during the exam session only if during a semester a student implements the requirements and tasks of interim assessment foreseen in the programme of a course unit. Achieved learning outcomes of the study programme students demonstrate while doing a final thesis by the Joint Qualificative Committee.

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Career opportunities

International Marketing and Branding specialists will be able to work as marketing either branding consultants in small, medium and large enterprises, working in service, production or sales companies. Also as specialists, marketing either branding managers in marketing departments of international enterprises either  companies, preparing to enter international markets; to work in advertising or marketing agencies, which are working with international projects or supplying branding services for their customers companies either products.

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Tuition fee

Tuition fees for EU students 

Full-time studies

Per semester

Per year

850 €

1700 €

Tuition fees for NON-EU students

Full-time studies

Per semester

Per year

1400 €

2800 €

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