Video Production and Media

The Degree of Professional Bachelor in Art

Study area: Art

Study field: Media Art Studies

Study language: English

Study aim

To prepare creators of video, able to design media products independently or in the team, through application of the modern principles of video and the technologies of the new media, to act innovatively and responsibly in the national and international market of audiovisual industries.

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Learning outcomes

A graduate of studies will be able:

  • To creatively apply in one's professional activity knowledge of art nature and development, the modern processes of art and culture, principles of artistic expression, media technologies and techniques, used in an audiovisual production, and interrelations between audiovisual art and other types of visual art.
  • To define a field of one's creative interests, to formulate artistic/creative goals and to reasonably choose means of artistic expression, production methods and forms to implement a creative idea.
  • To analyze the processes taking place in the area of art, possibilities of environment, audiovisual needs of media market and trends of development, in order to form an individual creative touch and to make responsible decisions in professional activity.
  • To create ideological creative conception of video production, using the laws and principles of artistic expression, directing, film language, individual and group methods of generating creative ideas and alternatives.
  • To form a creative team for realizing an video production, to motivate it and control rationally while undertaking responsibility for the quality of activity, through application of the principles of producing activity and team cooperation as well as the models of professional communication.
  • To create and realize, maintain and, if necessary, develop an original creation of video or a creative project, based on author directing or attitude and needs of a customer.
  • To professionally apply and coordinate visual and sound means of expression, computer and website technologies while realizing creative idea and presenting the products of individual creation.
  • To communicate with specialists/colleagues, society, representatives of other areas, professionally and following professional ethics when solving tasks of one's own and general professional activity, when presenting creative activity and its results.
  • To perceive the aesthetical value of art, moral principles of professional activity and undertakes social responsibility for the impact of one's creative activity on the cultural development, welfare and environment;
  • To foresee the perspectives of professional development and to implement them generalising individual experience when learning to apply innovative methods of professional activity adapting to the changing conditions of professional an inviroment and technological advancement.

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Study curriculum

Mode of study: Full - time
Duration of studies: 3 years

I year: II year: III year:
  • Film Language
  • Basics of Acting and Stage Language
  • Professional Foreign Language
  • Information Technologies
  • Professional Communication
  • Creativity Psychology and Methods
  • Basics of Directing
  • Script Production
  • Basics of Filming
  • Audiovisual Montage Technologies
  • Directing of Audiovisual Montage
  • Personal Management and Career
  • Composition
  • Computer Graphics and Design
  • Producing
  • Multimedia Technologies
  • Visual Communication
  • Development of Audiovisual Products
  • Popular Culture
  • Training Internship of Professional Field
  • Course work (Video Project)
  • Freely optional course units
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Sound Directing
  • Animation Production
  • Module – Film Production
  • Module - TV Production
  • Freely optional course units
  • Final Internship of Professional Field
  • The Final Thesis (Video Project)

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Career opportunities


Career Center is an SMK department, which provides individual career planning, work/internship search consultations, helps pupils to make independent, related to studies decisions, and for students – to integrate successfully into study process and labour market, coordinates Alumni Club activity and implements monitoring of graduates, communicates with social partners and representatives of the employers, organises seminars, courses and lectures.
After graduation from the Study Programme of Video Production and Media the specialists are ready to professionally produce the movies of different genre and format, TV shows, commercials, music clips and implement other projects of audiovisual art. Graduates are able to do a creative work in producing companies, film studios, event and advertising agencies, television, enterprises and companies, where there is a necessary production of audiovisual art products through application of new media languages and technologies. Graduates of the programme can establish their own media companies, independently and creatively perform in different national and international enterprises of media, and get productively involved in the development of the sector of Lithuanian creative industries.
Studies can be continued in Lithuanian and foreign higher education schools in accordance with II cycle Study Programmes of art study field. Graduates, who seek to study in Media Art postgraduate studies, have to comply with the pre-set requirements of higher education institution study field or field group schedule; to have knowledge and abilities that are obligatory for studies under certain field programmes. Graduates can also study in accordance with non-degree study programmes.

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