The Chairs

The Chairs are structural departments of the SMK University of Applied Social Sciences. The purpose of the Chairs is to develop research of certain scientific areas and fields (branches), to prepare competent specialists, and to carry out applied science activities.

  • Business and Law Chair

    Head of Chair

    Jurate Paulauskiene

    Nemuno st. 2, LT-91199 Klaipeda, room 304

    +370 46 39 73 82

    Implemented Study Programmes:

    • Law
    • International Trade and Customs Logistics
  • Information Technology Chair

    Manager of Study Programme

    Dr. Ingrida Borisenko

    Nemuno str. 2, LT-91110 Klaipeda, room 310

    +370 46 433 474

    Implemented Study Programmes:

    • Programming and Multimedia
  • Tourism and Marketing Chair

    Head of Chair

    Jurgita Virbale

    Nemuno str. 2, LT-91110 Klaipeda, room 311

    +370 46 433 455

    Implemented Study Programmes:

    • International Business and Communication 
    • Transport and Logistics Business
    • Tourism and Hotels 
    • Fashion Marketing
    • Advertising Creation
    • Wellness and Leisure Industries
    • Banking and Investment Management


  • Communication and Creativity Chair

    Manager of Study Programme

    Giedre Vaicekauskiene

    Nemuno str. 2, LT-91110 Klaipeda, room 310

    +370 46 433 474

    Implemented Study Programmes:

    • Creative and Entertainment Industries
    • Public Relations
  • Business and Law Chair

    Head of Chair

    Akvile Alauskaite-Riabceva

    Kalvariju str. 137E LT-08210 Vilnius, room 217

    +370 5 2409707

    Implemented Study Programmes:

    • Law
    • International Trade and Customs Logistics
  • Information Technology Chair

    Head of Chair

    Dalia Linkuviene

    Kalvariju str. 137E, LT-08210 Vilnius, room 216

    +370 5 25 04 850

    Implemented Study Programmes:

    • Programming and Multimedia
    • Computer Games and Animation
  • Wellness and Logistics

    Head of Chair

    Vilma Kalinoviene

    Kalvariju str. 137E LT-08210 Vilnius, room 213

    +370 5 2 504 827

    Implemented Study Programmes:

    • Wellness and Beauty Business
    • Wellness and Recreation Industries
    • Transport and Logistics Business 
    • Energy Business
    • Banking and Investment Management
    • Financial Accounting
    • Catering Business
  • Tourism and Marketing

    Head of Chair

    Jurate Sereikiene

    Kalvariju str. 137E LT-08210 Vilnius, room 213

    +370 5 2 504 867

    Implemented Study Programmes:

    • Advertizing Design
    • Tourism and Hotels
    • International Business and Communication
    • International Marketing and Branding
    • Technology and Innovation Management
    • Fashion Marketing
    • International Business
  • Communication and Creativity Chair

    Head of Chair

    Raimondas Paskevicius

    Kalvariju str. 137E LT-08210 Vilnius, room 213

    +370 5 2 504 822

    Implemented Study Programmes:

    • Audiovisual Art
    • Creative and Entertainment Industries
    • Public Relations
  • Aesthetic Cosmetology

    Head of Chair

    Sabina Repcenkiene

    Kalvariju str. 137E LT-08210 Vilnius, room 104

    +370 5 2504869

    Implemented Study Programmes:

    • Aesthetic Cosmetology

Career Center

Career Center is an SMK department, which provides individual career planning, work/internship search consultations, helps pupils to make independent, related to studies decisions, and for students – to integrate successfully into study process and labour market, coordinates Alumni Club activity and implements monitoring of graduates, communicates with social partners and representatives of the employers, organises seminars, courses and lectures. 

For students

  • Training on the topic of career management;
  • Individual consulting on relevant career planning questions; 
  • Helping to determine the strong personality sides and the ones that need to be improved;
  • Assisting while making a career plan, preparing CV, and job search documents;
  • Informing about vacant job and internship placements;
  • Providing trustworthy tests helping to choose a suitable job;
  • Updating information about labour market tendencies.

For pupils

  • Presentations of SMK study programmes at your school;
  • Individual consultations upon choosing the right study programme, and career planning questions; 
  • Reliable tests helping to choose the suitable profession.

For graduates

  • SMK  Alumni  Club  (unites  SMK  graduates  for communication,  entertainment and significant joint activities);
  • Information about vacant job placements (, Facebook Alumni Club profile);
  • Qualification raising courses, training, seminars;
  • Entertainment events for Alumni Club members, and member meetings;
  • Individual consultations upon the questions of job search, employability, and adaptation at a new workplace;
  • Job offers;
  • An opportunity to share with SMK students one’s success stories and life experience;
  • A possibility to tutor SMK students; 
  • SMK graduate scholarship fund (graduates may establish a scholarship for students for their good study results, creative achievements, activity and etc.).

For business

  • An opportunity of social cooperation;
  • Free announcement of job/internship placement offers for SMK students/graduates;
  • Individual company meetings with SMK students, graduates, Career Centre specialists;
  • Staff recruitment services, and evaluation of employee suitability for a job position;
  • A possibility to initiate open lectures for students, to share one’s success story with the young generation;
  • Doors-Open-Day in your company;
  • Establishment of Company-Sponsored Scholarships for the best students;
  • Targeted study funding;
  • Participation in the SMK Talent Programme;
  • Receiving help for making a qualification raise plans for your employees;
  • Carrying out a research in your company of employee motivation, expectations, adaptation and etc.;
  • Dissemination of your company’s name and logo at SMK and on the internet;
  • An opportunity to establish your company’s name auditorium in SMK premises; 
  • A possibility to accept our students into internships at your company, which is the best solution to select the best students for future employment.

International Relations Department

The world becomes an open space for exchanging knowledge, travelling, learning, discovering other countries and cultures, therefore SMK is always open for: nationalities, cultures, new approaches, and knowledge exchange in the global space.

We seek to be a multinational, multicultural community, where we treat with respect person’s freedom, cherish and develop the values of democracy, tolerance, and cooperation, as well as foster the working atmosphere, based upon the ethical principles.

SMART Learning Center

Who we are?

SMART Learning Center is a department of the SMK University of Applied Social Sciences spreading ideas of modern learning.


  • We create contemporary educational programmes.
  • We provide assistance to educators and learners.
  • We encourage implementation of new teaching and learning methods and technologies.
  • We provide consultations and conduct educational research.
  • We consolidate leaders of education for change and continuous improvement.

Our mission

Strive for progress in the sector of education by promoting modern technologies of smart teaching and learning and up-to-date educational methods.

Our objectives:

  • Develop and implement programmes of educational and professional skills improvement and broadening of competences of educators (lecturers of higher education institutions, teachers working at different types of educational institutions, organizers of education).
  • Conduct educator training sessions and certification based on the original SMART methodology of skills improvement of the Smart Educator.
  • Create and maintain e-learning environments and means devoted to the 21st century educator and learner and provide the methodological and technical assistance to this type of teaching/learning. Conduct research of up-to-date educational technologies and provide methodological and technical assistance to scientific and applied research that use and/or investigate up-to-date educational technologies.

Our services:

Skills Improvement of Educators

  • We provide programmes broadening educational and professional competencies to educators.
  • We organize internships in companies improving professional skills of lecturers.
  • We hold conferencies and different events related to up-to-date educational technologies and e-teaching/e-learning, distance teaching/distance learning.
  • We organize open distance studies and provide open distance courses (Moocs).


  • We provide skills improvement training sessions and certification based on the original SMART methodology of skills improvement of the Smart Educator to lecturers, teachers and other educators.

Methodological and Technical Assistance

  • We provide technical, methodological and organizational assistance in the implementation of  e-studies and distance studies.


  • We conduct educational research.
  • We provide consultations on the issues related to conducting of educational research.

Contact us:

Coordinator of E-Studies of Smart Learning Centre Neringa Balvočiūtė – Room 216. Tel. +370 5 2504852.


SMK University of Applied Social Sciences
Kalvarijų str. 137E, Room 216
LT-08221, Vilnius

Project Center

It is a structural SMK department, the main functions of which are: initiating new projects, coordinating and implementing on-going projects.

SMK is a non-state higher education institution, which has implemented the greatest amount of Structural Funds projects. The achieved project results promote the improvement of study quality, innovation, and creation of engaging learning environment.

The constantly changing world forces the changes around it: makes you grow, improve and develop. SMK is oriented to being the leader of innovations, which responds to all requirements of the continuously changing world; therefore it actively participates in project and initiative activities.

Sciences and Business Center

Smart Solutions for Your Business Development

Science and Business Centre is a structural department of the SMK University of Applied Social Sciences, which provides a wide spectrum of high-level services to business companies, institutions operating in a public sector, organisations and everyone seeking for growth and improvement.

Science and Business Centre Achievements:

Implemented 196 training programmes
Provided training services for 4943 employees
The volume of executed qualification improvement events is 5443 hours
Sold training services for 1 305 707,00 Euros