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Gain a Professional Bachelor’s degree in 3 years while studying in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania! 
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At SMK University of Applied Social Sciences in Vilnius you will enjoy a vibrant city full of opportunities, a modern campus and its facilities, a strong international student community, and an ideal balance of theoretical and practical teachings by SMK lecturers-practitioners in order to prepare you for a successful career. This is a place for you to feel inspired and become the best version of yourself.

We offer 9 international Bachelor's programmes in Business and Public Management, Social Sciences, Computer Sciences, Arts, and Health Sciences.

Spring semester admission starts on September 1. The semester commences on February 1.

Deadlines* (except for Erasmus students):

- December 15 - For Applicants from non-EU/EFTA Countries

- January 10 - For Applicants from EU Countries and for non-EU/EFTA Countries with Lithuanian Embassies

* We strongly advise that those applicants who require visas to enter Lithuania should apply earlier since in some cases obtaining a visa might take up to 3 months.

Speak with our consultants yourself or together with your parents and learn more about SMK, study programmes, admission process, or Vilnius, Lithuania.

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Bachelor's Study Programmes in English available for 2023 Spring:

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Why SMK University of Applied Social Sciences?


Established in 1994, SMK is Lithuania’s largest private institution and is proud to have risen to the very top in Lithuanian private college rankings.

Our philosophy begins with recognizing the unique, special, and UNLIMITED POTENTIAL of every student. At SMK we will educate, encourage and empower our next generation.

SMK has created an ALTERNATIVE EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING METHOD combining an ideal balance of theoretical and practical knowledge. Therefore, after graduation, every student is confident to start a successful career journey relying on their solid practical experience.

SMK facts:

  • Accredited by CQAHE under the Ministry of Education and Science

  • The SMK degree is recognized worldwide

  • Granted the ERASMUS Charter for Higher Education (ECHE)

  • 92% employability rate after graduation

  • More than 150 international students from over 25 different countries

  • Over 4 500 students at 3 different campuses in Lithuania

  • 9 international study programmes in English

  • 100 international cooperation agreements from 25 countries

  • ⅕ students get employed in the companies, where they did a traineeship

  • 65% of teaching staff are practitioners working in outstanding business companies

What do other students say about SMK?

Vladislav from Belarus, a student of International Business at SMK shares his experience:

Great university with a wide variety of study subjects which helps to understand what kind of career you want to have in the future. The staff is very helpful and friendly (you can spend your whole free time just chatting with them). Since SMK has a lot of international students, the university organizes various events that make the process of integration into the Lithuanian society smooth and easy.



Why Vilnius, Lithuania?

Since 2004, Lithuania has been a part of the European Union, and we can boast that we have one of the fastest-growing economies and the highest number of educated people in the EU. Here you will find MODERN cities, beautiful nature, friendly people, and a SAFE and inspiring environment to be a student. Lithuania provides numerous opportunities to start your own business, work in small or medium-sized ventures, or join world-renowned international companies situated here. As an international student, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week in Lithuania.

Lithuanian and Vilnius facts:

  • Lithuania is the geographical center of Europe

  • One of the cheapest countries to live in the European Union

  • Lithuania is TOP 5 country in Europe with the happiest employees, according to MSPA Europe / Africa’s NHS survey, 2017

  • Since September, 2022,  all the students are allowed to work 40 hours per week, meaning, you can have a full time job when studying at SMK

  • Vilnius is TOP 6 city for the best work-life balance globally, according to OECD Better life index 2019

  • The most educated country in the EU - 94% of our population has a secondary or higher education degree

  • Ranked #1 among CEE regions in Green City Index

  • Ranked fastest public Wi-fi in the world (wired) in 2018

  • The language spoken in Lithuania is the oldest in the world

  • Fun fact: Vilnius is the only capital in the world that you can fly a hot air balloon over. Lithuania is #1 for the highest number of hot air balloons per person! 
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Vilnius is a booming economic hub with advanced technological companies, thus providing students with numerous educational and internship opportunities. Because of fast-growing modern buildings and having UNESCO protected old town, Vilnius exemplifies the perfect combination of the old and the new.

If you already know which study programme to apply to and which career path you would like to follow, apply NOW:

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