At SMK we offer exceptional and interesting studies

Choosing SMK you choose interesting, exceptional studies which will contribute to the formation of your modern approach to science and to the learning environment. Here you will learn to think differently, to think critically and beyond the traditional boundaries. Here you will become a SUPERHERO in your professional field.

The SMK experiential learning method provides you with practical and theoretical knowledge that will give you the confidence needed to start a successful career as soon as you graduate.

Visits to different companies and guest lectures will develop the  SMK students’ understanding of how businesses in their respective professional areas work, what principles they follow and what problems they deal with on a daily basis.

As the year 2022 approaches, we are sharing a few moments from company visits. 

One of the recent SMK students‘ visits took place in NBFC (National Center for General Functions), where they were introduced to the challenges of personal data protection in an institution with almost 500 employees.

Also, first-year SMK students of the International Trade and Customs Logistics study program recently visited a  Customs Museum, and were introduced to the history of Lithuanian customs, examined different goods seized by customs officers, and analyzed how inventive smugglers were able to hide illegally transported goods.

A customs cynologist told the students about the peculiarities of training customs detector dogs and demonstrated how a German shepherd dog was looking for illegally transported goods.

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