SMK offer for siblings

SMK University of Applied Social Sciences is delighted to offer a sibling tuition fee reduction for newly qualified students from the same family with two or more family members enrolled at SMK. The sibling discount of 10 % will be awarded to the next sibling when both family members attend or if the other sibling has graduated from SMK University of Applied Social Sciences.

Terms and Conditions

  • Applicant must complete the application form with the certified birth certificates of both siblings for the discount to be granted;

  • The discount takes effect from the date of submission of the application and relevant documents;

  • A sibling relationship is defined as either brother or sister;

  • This discount will be provided for the whole study period which is equal to a 10 % discount from the semester fee;

  • The awarded discount is not transferrable for cash, nor refundable, and cannot be transferred to a non-sibling;

  • The applicant should have an SKVC recognition certificate;

  • The decision to award the sibling discount will make by the Manager of International studies at SMK University of Applied Social Sciences.

Please contact admission@smk.lt for more information.