Nearing the end of its third decade, SMK continues to educate the young generation seeking to provide them with a foundation for a meaningful life.

We are convinced that the purpose of the human being is to unleash his potential and to turn it into the greatest power creating his own future and contributing to the welfare of the society.

The achievements and accomplishments of the human being dependent solely on his efforts and will.  Therefore, the SMK process of education and instilling knowledge goes hand in hand with practical experience.  We comprehend that a human being, empowered with knowledge and ability, can become a truly modern creator who is independent and courageous, who is able to respond to numerous challenges of today‘s life.

Gabija Skučaitė
SMK Chancellor

SMK is a phenomenon of an exceptional model of higher education that has been proving for many years that contemporary education has to be versatile, modern, and practically applicable.

It is extremely important for us to give not only theoretical knowledge to our students but also to provide them with practical work experience. This makes us devote significant attention to experience-based education where different practical cases are being analyzed and real business issues are tackled.

It is the objective of our higher education community to fully prepare the student for a targeted career start and to turn our graduates into real leaders in their professional fields.

Viktorija Palubinskienė
SMK Director

About SMK

SMK College of Applied Sciences is innovation and quality based higher education institution located in the capital of Lithuania Vilnius and the port-city on the Baltic Sea Klaipėda. In 2018 SMK opened a new Campus in the second largest Lithuanian city Kaunas.

Established in 1994, SMK has grown to position itself at the very top of Lithuanian private college rankings and currently is the biggest private higher education institution in Lithuania.

Why SMK?

SMK is introducing an alternative learning method where ideal balance of theoretical and practical knowledge correlates with personal evolution and strives for success. Exceptional, interesting, outstanding studies are forming not only modern outlook of science but also learning environment. Strong personal values platform is helping to form a unique identity inspiring students to generate new ideas and think differently despite the traditional boundaries.


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