Psychological Counselling
for Students

 The psychological well-being and health of students are very important to SMK College of Applied Sciences. Our aim is to achieve that all members of our community feel good and receive qualified and timely assistance when needed.

If you are worried about your exams, final theses, we recommend that you first contact your study programme manager to discuss your concerns. We believe that the study programme manager will help you dispel your concerns and offer solutions to your problems.

If you experience emotional problems, learning difficulties, anxiety, feelings of loneliness, sadness, lack of motivation, decision-making difficulties, we encourage you to seek help immediately. An open and sincere conversation helps to find answers. During psychological counselling, professionals can help you to recognize and change negative thinking patterns, form a positive attitude towards yourself and the outside world, and overcome feelings of frustration and stress.

SMK has an Emotional Wellbeing Programme Manager who is responsible for the emotional wellbeing and psychological health of the entire SMK academic community. The Emotional Wellbeing Programme Manager is responsible for supporting personal emotional assessment and monitoring; personal emotional care planning; SMC community support and relationships; and psychological health information and education.
Regular meetings are held with the SMK community to present relevant topics, discuss challenges related to Generation Z, stigmas and stereotypes, discuss stress management techniques, and provide training in self-awareness and acceptance.

Emergency psychological or psychiatric assistance is also provided by Lithuanian mental health centers. It is important to know that you can choose and register at your chosen primary outpatient mental health center, where specialists will provide you with the necessary primary care. If necessary, contact mental health centers directly.

Please find the contacts of the providers of psychological help in English (or Russian) below:

Red Cross

The specialists at the Infocenter provide important information and advice to non-EU citizens about health, tax, education, the labour market, and other relevant issues.

  • Social advice
  • Individual legal advice
  • Professional orientation advice
  • Psychological help
  • Lithuanian language courses
  • Informational seminars

    *All services are provided free of charge.

More information - Red Cross Infocenter

Social consultants
(Inga, Rusnė, Svetlana):



Work and studies in Lithuania

+37060302331 (Natalja)

Crisis Management Center in Vilnius

Psychological assistance is available in English and Russian languages. The first consultation is free of charge.

Antakalnio g. 97, Vilnius
+370 640 51555
Working hours:
Monday - Friday 16.00-20.00, Saturday 12.00-16.00


Vilnius Centre for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Žalgirio g. 90, Vilnius
+370 52 11903
Working hours:
Monday - Friday 8.00 - 20.00

Centro poliklinika (Center Polyclinic)
Pylimo g. 3, Vilnius
+370 5 244 2244
Working hours:
Monday - Friday 8.00-20.00
 Jaunimo linija (Youth Line)

Vingrių str. 6, Vilnius
+370 671 99309
Working hours: 24/7

Online consultations for foreigners in Lithuania

Free psychological consultations for foreigners residing in Lithuania, who are facing integration difficulties.
English and Russian consultations are available.

Online consultations
Mantas Jeršovas
Working hours: 8.00-9.00

Caritas of the Vilnius Archdiocese

Social, legal, psychological, and career counselling to third-country nationals.

 Kalvarijų g. 39, Vilnius
+370 645 72 768
Working hours:
Monday - Friday 9.00-17.00