FAQ about academic activities at SMK during the quarantine

FAQ about academic activities at SMK during the quarantine:

Can I connect to the on line lecture on Google Hangouts Meet using my personal e-mail address? 

It is possible to do so if you have a link. Although it is recommended to connect using your SMK e-mail account so you could be identified and connected immediately. Otherwise, trying to connect to e- lecture not from your school e-mail address the lecturer will receive the note about your request to connect and will have to approve it. If for some reason the lecturer will not approve you connecting to the lecture then you will not be able to connect. More info about how to connect to the e-lecture you can find at Google Hangouts Meet instruction for students. 

How can I make a presentation for the lecturer or the whole group during the on line class?

As soon as the lecturer finishes presenting his/her slides then any connected group member can take over and do their presentation. More detailed info about how you can do it you can find at Google Hangouts Meet instruction for students.

Can I view the on line lecture some time later, is it necessary to connect when lecture is happening in the real time? 

If lecturer will make a recording of his or her lecture and will share it with absent students letter on then YES. If the lecturer will not record the lecture then there will not be a possibility to see it later. ( You can negotiate a need to record a lecture directly with your lecturers). 

What can I do if my internship company is closed down because of the quarantine? Can I finish my internship some time later?

If possible you can negotiate with your company to do your internship on line. That way your internship will continue. If that is not possible then talk to you’re the Head of your study programme Kornelija. 

How can I complete the quantitative research part (questioners) in my final thesis, if I needed to do it in a place like restaurants, sports clubs etc. ? 

Quantitative as well as qualitative research is possible to complete on line. This should not affect your research quality. In this case you can use all possible applications like Skype, Messenger, Viber and etc. Also you can upload the questioners on to online platform, or just send out with the e-mail. 

Is it possible to take care of academic debts on line? 

Yes it is, all academic debt exams could be taken on line. First of all you need to contact Studies Department in Vilnius Campus, or if you know which lecturer will take your exam then just contact that lecturer directly. 

Is SMK Library open?

Unfortunately SMK Library is closed. However our librarian Giedre is available for consultation at giedre.ivanauskiene@smk.lt tel. +370 677 02 921.

Will students not connecting to on line classes will be allowed to take final exams? 

Virtual lectures just as regular lectures have exactly the same requirements and students will have to complete the term assignments which will be included in calculating their final grade. 

Are on line lectures are mandatory just like previous in class lectures? 

Yes they are mandatory just like the on campus lectures in the classrooms. 

Officially third year spring semester supposed to finish on June 30, 2020. Will the semester be extended? Is there a planned extension of the school year because of the Coronavirus?  

Since all study process is moved to the virtual platform, we are continuing lectures, consultations, examination, and presentation on line. Therefore, we will be able to complete the school year as planned.